Bucharest - Brașov (Brasov)

Travelling from Bucharest airport to Brașov (Brasov). Airport cab/taxi transfer service by Bucharest Cab you will have the most memorable time.

Because here at Bucharest Cab we are not just aiming to provide a service. But a whole quality experience is what we have for you in-store.

Why Visit Brasov?

Brasov-an impressive city located right in the centre of Romania is like a glittering gem in the crown. The rich history of trading gave left a historical impact on the city while boosting its growth as an industrial city. It never fails to amaze its visitors with gothic, and renaissance architectural wonders. Its years-long history dating back to the 13th century is inscribed on its streets and walls. Defensive fortification against Mongols and Turks can even be witnessed today. Graft Bastion, White Tower, Black Tower, Catherine’s Gate, and Schei Gate are some of the wonderful works.

Bucharest Airport to Brașov (Brasov) - airport cab/taxi transfer service by Bucharest Cab – not just a journey but an experience

The distance from Bucharest airport to Brașov (Brasov) is around 155 km (95 miles) and the fastest option to cover this distance is via cab/taxi. Here come Bucharest Cab and our amazing services. With Bucharest to Brașov (Brasov) airport cab/taxi transfer services by Bucharest Cab, you will get the fastest journey. But a very comfortable and quality-oriented one. Since for us our customers are our topmost priority. So we make sure that we provide a great experience for them each time. We have trained staff who are always on time. So that not a single minute of our customers goes to waste. You can book Bucharest airport cab/taxi for the airport, for Bucharest train station as well. So, don’t wait anymore. Book now!